Company Hiring Practices

L. J. Gonzer Associates is committed to providing equal and fair treatment for all of our employees as well as equal and fair consideration to all potential employees without regard to race, sex, national origin, color, religion or disability, where it does not interfere with performance or create an unreasonable hazard.

L. J. Gonzer Associates complies with all federal, state and local employment regulations concerning Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. In addition, we have whenever possible, attempted to maximize participation by M/W/D/V/BE organizations.

Employment Eligibility

It is our policy to not employ individuals who are not eligible for work, legally under all acceptable employment practices. All employees must properly execute the federal I-9 Employment Eligibility form in order to be employed with our firm. E-verify will be used to verify all new employees’ eligibility.

Child Labor

We will never hire child labor of any kind. With the exception of situations where we might have an opportunity to provide internships for students in order to enhance their educational experience, we will not hire any individual under the age of eighteen.

In addition, L. J. Gonzer Associates will not work or contract with any firm that we are made aware, hires or employs child labor in any capacity. Nor will we purchase or engage in services that is fulfilled using child labor or any type of forced labor.

 Wage Policy
All employees will be paid at or above any established minimum wage. All employees will be paid in accordance with all wage and hour laws including all pertinent overtime and per-diem requirements. Wages are paid weekly and are agreed to in advance of any employment engagement.

Background Verification

All employees are required to undergo background verifications. In some cases, depending on the nature of our client’s needs, these may include Criminal, Drug/Alcohol, Credit, Classified or Motor Vehicle investigations.  These will be handled according to federal, state and local requirements, including the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) guidelines for such information. Results will only be used where the outcome is believed to directly affect the individual’s ability to perform his or her duties in that capacity.  









Employee Training

Employee safety and well being are essential to insure our investment in Human Capital grows and produces not only a monetary return but a human one as well.

Training Overview