Corporate, Social & Environmental Management

Organizations can impact and influence a large portion of our lives. What we buy, where we work, what we eat, where we live and what we wear, as well as the very quality of our life can be affected by the companies with whom we interact, live near or may be employed by in our careers. These interactions can be a positive influence for people if companies are willing to be an active partner.

We as an organization are committed to making our impact a positive one in every aspect that we can. We will operate and adhere to the strictest moral and ethical guidelines. To work within all laws and statues in the locations we serve. Our goal is to not just look at compliance but leadership. We will not only follow industry guidelines but participate in the creation and enforcement of strategies to encourage the industry to do everything it can to be a positive employer, neighbor, influence and contributor to the community at large.

L. J. Gonzer Associates is a company focused on providing high quality technical staffing and support services to the engineering and information technology community. The company is founded and run on the principles of being a good neighbor as well as an ethical and responsible business partner.


LJGA is committed to insuring both clients and employees, a vision of Corporate and Environmental Responsibility in the performance of its role as a provider of technical support services. 

We offer, to our clients, a proven supplier who will consistently strive to provide sustained environmental programs. Whose place in the local as well as corporate community dictates that we participate in programs that benefit our employees as well as our neighborhoods at large. A supplier whose commitment to its employees, is one of an understanding of the value that a safe and encouraging work environment is instrumental in providing the best services we can and maintain a leadership role in our field. 

We want to insure our employees that we take our responsibility as an employer seriously and that we understand that our human capital is our greatest investment in our future.  That safety and well-being in our employees is paramount in all of our endeavors. And the way we represent ourselves is a reflection of who we are as an organization.




Is defined as, a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.